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Elk City’s Chloe Geraughty – Athlete spotlight – Presented by First National Bank & Trust Co.

Anyone with the experience of competing in athletics understands the sacrifices it takes to
develop your talent. Elk City High School’s Chloe Geraughty competed in soccer and cheer
but is now focused on the Elk City cheer team.
“I’ve always loved cheer, but I played soccer from the age of 3 or 4 until I was 11. My Papa
was my coach when I played, and I loved playing soccer for him. I stopped playing soccer
after he died. It just wasn’t the same without him, but I played 1 more time my freshman
year of high school. I love to stunt! Stunting has been the best part of being on the cheer
team. Just getting to be on the sidelines cheering on the Elks has been a blast too,” said
Cheer is not the only activity Geraughty is involved in at Elk City High. The senior is a
member of National Honor Society, Key Club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Choir,
STUNT, Band, and she’s on the drum line.
“Elk City High School is a great place to be a student-athlete because of all the amazing
coaches and the support they give all of us athletes. My favorite subject is Math. It just
comes easy to me. My favorite teacher was Mrs. Barta. I was so sad when she moved away.
She was always so patient, kind, and understanding. I could always go talk to her when I
was having a bad day,” said Geraughty.
Geraughty loves talking about her teammates and how they support each other throughout
the year.
“I’m most excited about getting to stunt more than I have ever gotten to do before now this
year! I’m also looking forward to basketball season. It’s my favorite season to cheer for. Our
team this year has been very positive and encouraging towards each other. So far this is the
best year I have had cheering and being a cheerleader. I look forward to seeing how the
rest of the season goes. There are several outstanding teammates on my squad this year. So
many of them put in a lot of hard work and dedication to better our team. You should keep
your eye on our juniors and sophomores this year,” said Geraughty.
Geraughty said academics are important to her and she is looking forward to attending
Academics are important to me because if I’m not doing the best that I can, then I’m not
bettering myself or living up to my full potential. It’s also important to have good grades so
that I can participate in all of the activities I am in. I plan on going to SWOSU in
Weatherford to study to become a pharmacist. Pharmacy combines two of my favorite
subjects, math and chemistry, into one profession,” said Geraughty.

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