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Q&A with Elk City’s Cooper Church – Presented By Moxy Realty

VYPE: You were 7-2 record on the mound last year. We hear you’re known for doing a lot of the little things right. Why is that important to you?

Cooper Church: At a young age, I was taught to do the little things and they would add up to bigger things, leading me to become more successful throughout my baseball career.

VYPE: Why, when, and how did you become a baseball player?

CC: I was about 4 years old when I started playing baseball. A group of families put together a local team to play in a baseball league in my city and to travel throughout Oklahoma. I knew growing up I needed something to do during the summers to keep myself busy and get me out of the house.

VYPE: What advice would you offer to 4-year-old you, picking up the bat for the first time?

CC: Have fun, enjoy it while you can and cherish the memories.

VYPE: What have been your greatest challenges with the game, and how have you managed them?

CC: My greatest challenge in baseball has been keeping a good mental health and keeping my head up.

VYPE: What are your post-graduation plans?

CC: After high school I plan to go to Southwestern Oklahoma State University to study engineering technology.

VYPE: What type of impact do you hope to leave on your school and community?

CC: The impact I want to leave on my school and its athletic department is showing kids that doing the little things right day after day leads to big victories in the future.

(photo courtesy of Meggan Church)

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