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9 Qs with Elk City golfer Campbell Rainey – Presented by Paul Jones Drug

Credit KIESE & CO.

VYPE: After you cracked the top 60 individual scorers at state last year, what have you done this offseason to improve your game?

Campbell Rainey: I played all summer long, and I even shot my personal best score. I also tried to take advantage of the nice weekends during basketball season to maintain my hard work.

VYPE: Is it important to you to contribute for a team that has a chance to win a state championship this spring?

CR: It is very important to me. I was a little disappointed in my score last year, and I am working my hardest to improve upon that for myself and for my team. Elk City has a long history of qualifying for state in girl’s golf. We are trying to keep the tradition going and hopefully do more than just qualify for state.

VYPE: You also play for Elk City’s basketball team. What have you learned as a multi-sport athlete?

CR: I have had to learn how to manage my time wisely to maintain my grades and still put in practice time for both sports. They both have taught me how to work under pressure and come through for my team.

VYPE: How do you feel Elk City supports its students-athletes and school activities?

CR: I have always felt very supported by the community of Elk City with all of my activities. Many teachers, citizens, and local businesses have donated much time and money dedicated to supporting the school and its activities. It has always been nice to know I am backed by my community.

VYPE: What is one thing everybody should know about Campbell Rainey, but many don’t?

CR: I always do my best to never let anyone feel left out because I used to feel left out when I was younger. I never know what someone might be going through or what kind of day they are having.

VYPE: You’re known for your outstanding academics; has school always come naturally for you? Who has pushed you to excel?

CR: School has never been particularly hard for me, but it has always been full of effort. My friends and I do a very good job of pushing each other to be our best academically, and they are one of the main reasons I’m the student that I am today.

VYPE: Student council, Key Club, FCA, FFA — you do it all. Why, and how?

CR: I have always strived to be a positive and effective person in my community. Being as involved as I am allows me to do that. It has been difficult to maintain it all these years, but it has taught me how to prioritize and manage my time very well.

VYPE: As you close your high school career to pursue an education at OSU, what has Elk City High School provided that you’re most thankful for?

CR: Elk City has made me the very person that I am. I have grown up here my entire life, and I truly believe I would not be the same if I grew up and went to high school anywhere else. It has given me all the opportunities I could ever ask for in order to excel in school and in life. My teachers and coaches have taught me to always try my hardest even when no one is watching.

VYPE: What’s a great book you’ve read recently?

CR: I recently finished the book of Genesis in the Bible, and by reading it myself, I was able to make connections and understand better than when it was just taught to me.

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