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Jada Kimball – Elk City drum major, multi-sport athlete extraordinaire – Presented by Moxy Realty

Jada Kimball is a senior at Elk City High School, multi-sport athlete, and head drum-major. 

As Kimball’s senior year is approaching its midway point, she is looking forward to hitting the hardwood and making the most of her final season with the Elkettes. 

Kimball first started playing basketball when she was around seven years old. Over the years she has come to appreciate many aspects of the game and the opportunities that it provides.

“My favorite thing about the game is you’re always having to be thinking ahead and this sport takes a lot of patience and practice to perfect it,” Kimball said. 

To keep herself motivated Kimball refers to some advice she received from her coaches. 

“The best advice I’ve received from a coach is to always believe in yourself even when you’re not playing well,” Kimball said. “Play with confidence and keep your head up.” 

While Kimball loves competing she also appreciates the bonds and friendships she has made over the years. 

“My favorite memory while being at Elk City has been getting to make lifelong friendships with all of the girls on my team and getting to love the game even more,” Kimball said. 

As Kimball is a member of the softball and basketball teams as well as the head drum-major she has learned over the years how to effectively manage her time. 

Throughout her years in high school Kimball has become quite skilled at prioritizing her obligations. 

“I try to find time to do my other activities when that activity is in session. Softball is in the fall so I just focus on softball, and basketball is in the winter so I’ll just focus on basketball,” Kimball said. “Band is year-round and in my free time, after doing homework or getting home from practice, I’ll bring my instrument home from school and practice. I also try to be a leader in the band and getting the opportunity of being head drum-major really let me step up in that aspect.” As Kimball’s senior year begins to wind to a close she is already preparing for her future. 

“My plan after high school is to attend SWOSU and major in health science and then transfer to the University of Oklahoma for their dental school and work toward becoming an orthodontist,” Kimball said.

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