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Elk City Hometown Hero – Gage Eastman – Presented by First National Bank and Trust

Gage Eastman is a senior at Elk City and plays key roles on both offensive and defensive lines for the football team. On defense Eastman clogs running lanes and collapses the pocket from the nose guard; on offense – he’s tasked with doing the opposite – giving his quarterback time to make reads and open gaps for the backs to sneak through. 

For Eastman, football is a team game that requires many important skills and characteristics. He knows the key traits required as an upperclassmen and leader.

“I think humility, courage, and the willingness to do whatever is needed are some qualities that make a good leader,” Eastman said.

Off the field Eastman is humble and often goes above and beyond to help others in the community and looks to bring out the best potential in others.

Eastman started playing football back in elementary school and has a love and passion for the game.

“I started playing football when I was about seven years old,” Eastman said. “I absolutely love how it brings together all my brothers on the team. To see them all go wild after a win makes everything worth it.”

For Eastman and the Elks the ‘22 campaign is off to a great start with a 3-0 record heading into late September and he has big expectations for the year.

“My main goal for this year is to go 14-0 this season and do what everyone thinks is impossible for us,” Eastman said.

Eastman and the rest of Elk City have a strong community bond and he looks to his current and former teammates for support on and off the field.

“A role model I have in my life is my old teammate, Daylan Thompson,” Eastman said. “He showed me what hard work and dedication looks like and gave me the strength I need to do my best this season.”

So far things are going well for Elk City.

“This season has gone great,” Eastman said. “Especially with the nail biting win over Canadian last week. I feel like we have the chance to seriously make a name for ourselves and continue to turn our program into a powerhouse for many seasons to come.”

Looking ahead to his future Eastman wants to further his education in college and continue his playing career.

“My plan after high school is to find a college that is good for me and allows me to play football at the next level.”

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