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Kicking It Around with Daniel Carmona – Presented by Moxy Realty

When you show up to a game or sporting event and watch the athletes compete, while they are out there competing hard there was also a lot of preparation that went on beforehand. No matter what sport they play, an athlete has to be physically and mentally ready to complete. Daniel Carmona says that there are a few things that have helped him become the athlete that he is today.

“I have put in a lot of hard work,” he stated. “I have also been dedicated to my sport. Sometimes there would be fun stuff to go and be a part of, but I knew that I needed to put in the work. And finally, you must have perseverance. Things are going to happen, but you have to work through it.”

A freshman at Elk City High School, Daniel is a midfielder and defender for the school’s soccer team. He is no stranger to a soccer field as he started playing the game when he was three years old. He says that as he has grown, so has his love for the game.

Throughout his lifetime, Carmona has had some really good people that have helped him along the way. Out of all of them, he says, there is one person that has been his biggest influence.

“My dad is the role model in my life,” he said. “He is the one who encouraged me to play soccer and he has always been in my corner. Another person would be my favorite teacher, Ms. Curtis. Not only is she a great teacher, but she also taught us how to sword fight.”

With this being his first year to play varsity soccer, Carmona says that his favorite moment is an easy choice.

“The highlight of my career so far would have to be scoring my first goal of the season against Lawton High,” he said. “But, as my career progresses, I look forward to making more highlight moments.”

Along with playing soccer, Daniel also plays the trumpet in the school band. He says that he is truly thankful for all the amazing teammates, family, and friends that he has.

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